Fire Watch

Course Objectives:

The course shall provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the safe methods when workers are required to perform tasks with the potential to cause fires. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to perform; basic assessments, evaluation of components and resources needed to work around welding and hot works to prevent and manage small fires.

Who Should Attend?

Safety Officers, Foremen, HSE personnel and all persons that are required to work close to and around hot works

Topics to be covered

  • Nature and types of fire
  • Causes of Fire and Fire Spread
  • Fire prevention
  • Methods of tackling an Outbreak of Fire
  • Identification of Extinguishers
  • Safety issues in tackling fires
  • Types of fire and methods of management
  • Safe use of extinguishers
  • Correct methods of fire attack and safe withdrawal
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Fire Watch

About This Course

Course IDFire Watch
Duration1 day
Cost (TTD)$570.00

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