Incident/Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation is an “after the fact” response. It is a process that uncovers hazards or problems that can be eliminated so similar events will not happen in the future.

This course presents a practical approach to investigating workplace accidents by emphasizing how to find the root cause(s), conduct an investigation, and make effective recommendations to prevent similar occurrences from ever happening again.

The course includes case studies and other examples to illustrate the concepts as well practical tools such as sample forms and checklists. Quizzes throughout the course and an exam help to measure and encourage learning.

Training goals

The purpose of incident investigation is to identify the root cause(s) of incidents in order to take corrective action and to implement the necessary controls to prevent further occurrences of such events. Effective recording, reporting and investigation of nonconformity, is an important part of an effective occupational health and safety program. Organisation should establish, implement and maintain procedure(s) to record; investigate and analyse incidents in order to:

  • determine underlying Health and Safety deficiencies and other factors that might be causing or contributing to the occurrence of incidents;
  • identify the need for corrective action;
  • identify opportunities for preventive action;
  • identify opportunities for continual improvement;
  • Communicate the results of such investigations. 

Who should attend?

  • Managers/supervisors, Safety officers, Appointed incident investigators, Health and Safety Representatives, Health and Safety Committee Members, Union representatives, Persons involved with the day to day activities of Health and Safety Representative and Committees

What you’ll learn

  • Describe responsibilities for incidents
  • Explain the legislative requirements applicable to the investigation and reporting of incidents
  • Explain when and why to report workplace incidents
  • Explain why incident investigations should be performed
  • Explain when an incident investigation should be performed
  • Explain who should perform the incident investigation
  • Identify the different types of workplace incidents
  • Identify the causes of incidents
  • Reporting the findings of the investigation
  • Analyzing the facts of the investigation
  • Writing the incident report
  • Making recommendations in order to take corrective action
  • Communicating and following up the recommendations of the incident
  • the effectiveness of
  • Evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of the corrective action
  • Outline the steps of incident investigation

About This Course

Course IDIncident/Accident Investigation
Duration1 day
Cost (TTD)$1,500.00
Validity2 Years

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