Safety Apparel

Garment Manufacturing Division

Coveralls, Shirts, Pants

Western Industrial Solutions Limited in the fourth quarter of 2010 added an extension of the company. Being a health and Safety organisation we found that alot of our clients requested us to supply PPE, safety products and moreso Coveralls/Shirt and pants for the Oil and gas industry. WISL invested heavily in machinery, raw material, human resource after considerable research.

WISL is known for its remarkable delivery time of product and services which is part of the culture of our organisation. We aim at always improving our processess by continuous reviewing and auditing to ensure that effeciency is maintained and or increased.

From manufacturing of raw materials to packaging, WISL is committed to provide the best in terms of quality and expertise with each product. Western Industrial Solutions Limited, located in Southern Main Road Marabella is a technology driven, quality clothing and apparel manufacturer and contractor specializing in, but not limited to high-quality oil and gas clothing and apparel contract manufacturing.

We are much more than a cutting and sewing contractor. Our facility provides complete apparel contract manufacturing services in our air-conditioned facility conveniently located within close proximity to Petrotrin and point Lisas Industrial Estate. We have the flexibility to handle any size order, and again deliver on time.

Our company produces top quality garments and is adept at producing many different apparel styles with a variety of fabrics and materials including rayon, cotton, polyester, polycotton, Nomex IIIA (4.5oz&6oz) and other blends.

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