Western Industrial Solutions LTD

about us

We are a Company that provides Strategic Solutions to our clients in the Government, Construction, Energy and Manufacturing sectors. Suppliers of Military, Police and Airport Detection Equipment while partnering with factories and designers globally. We provide customized options for your company and work from inception to turn key. Our main office is located in J.T Allum Building, Marabella with warehouses in close proximity, creating the opportunity for easy access and fast delivery. W.I.S.L aims to provide easier solutions for doing business while protecting you and your assets.

Our construction team and consultants will work with your ideas determined to meet your end vision

About us

providing solutions for safety, security and building needs

A company founded by directors with a drive to find solutions to the difficult situations faced by contractors alike as we vie for work mainly in the oil and gas sector. Reviewing and building management systems, training plans and delivering world class recognised services to a large clientele locally at the time 12 years ago. To date we have expanded our operations and business units to multiple locations locally with a number of international affiliates across the globe from Mexico to USA to China to Taiwan and Hong Kong. Our business units grew as we continue to find solutions due to our clients trust we have gained over the years. As we made our footprint in the training industry we expanded our operations into the safety supply industry as we continuously encouraged by our repeat client to supply and service them with more. Invested in real estate, equipment and manpower we opened our garment and uniform factory in 2012 which has grown to service companies and government agencies across the country and now the region. Opportunities continue to open to us in different business sectors as we opened our fire and security division in 2014 servicing and securing significant assets of our country. Protecting our entry boarders, access control, surveillance and fire detection we were determined to secure our local assets. Partnered with globally recognised companies in USA and China we have gained access to high level technical and reliable security technology. Our company at this stage was able to outfit any building with safety, security, access control even data protection with APC of USA. Expansion in the construction was inevitable as we had access to a broad skilled and competent workforce. This allowed us to easily enter the building sector where we now compete with the biggest companies in construction as our advantage of having the years technical and management experience under our belt. An excited well experienced and qualified team we have looking forward to the next adventure of business.

  • Design and construction
  • Building fire and security, access control, surveillance
  • Competency and safety training
  • NOMEX IIIA coveralls and custom orders
  • Complete head to toe safety protection

Our Mission

“To understand local, regional and global business challenges and create solutions in a reliable manner ”

Our Vision

“Creating better and safer facilities with efficient service in the global market”

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The Team

Narendra moonan
Kavita dash
administrative lead
Ann marie henry
business development team lead
Amy Ramlakhan
accounts executive
Stacy Maharaj
manufacturing team lead
Aqeel tambron
projects team lead
Rajendra mungalsingh
accounts executive
designer/embroidery specialist